Thursday, July 15, 2010

I got a story
Straight outta Detroit
You know your favorite son
With a brain full of porridge
He's so greasy and I do mean sleazy
The law got in them handcuffs
So we moved to Texas
Taking dough from city coffers
Employin' family staffers
Gettin' rich, life's a bitch
Especially in new sneakers

Now it's my turn
To rip this shit
Strawberry got her fate
Carlita ordered the hit
Got confessions
That never were heard
Five years later
Oops, you're gettin' served
So you like Gucci and plastic surgery
In the prison yard
You'll be fightin' for your hosiery
You think life is perfect
You're doin' so well
Soon your palace walls
Will be a prison cell


Kwame's a dog
Detroit's #1 criminal
Writin' a blog
Beggin' for dollars
The scandal
Can't show your face
Such a disgrace
Still have your fans though
IQ average 88
To them you pander
Taking bribes
To pay for your Benz
Suckin' on some other woman's titty
Out of our city's funds
You mad guilty
You're goin' down it's clear
If you rise above
Idiocracy is here

So you say you see Detroit
In your back mirror
I hope you see the tragedy
You caused while you were here
You closed the oldest aquarium
In the North America
Took over a million dollars
From our Detroit area
So you can have your Escalades
Spa treatments and champagne
All that bling Carlita needs
And hotels with no name...

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